SADI4U supports, assists, and equips existing and new small businesses to survive and flourish in the changing business landscape, despite the current poor economy.



To become successful a major change in general business approaches is necessary. A stronger emphasis on cost-effectiveness in all aspects of business will help to ensure survival and profitability. There is no more room for needless mistakes, and we need to save more money.

SADI4U offers a unique style of cooperation and networking among small businesses and communities to the benefit of all involved.


Our approach

Our interactive website (link to 04) brings people with similar business goals together.

We assist clients with free basic business training and affordable advanced training.

The SADI4U Basic free software will assist users to have better financial control of their businesses.


SADI4U Basic free software

The SADI4U Basic free software is available to all, not only small business members.

SADI4U has developed user friendly software with professionally designed databases to ensure accuracy and data integrity.

In addition to basic bookkeeping, the software offers various other functions such as a diary, follow-up functions and alerts. Our software improves productivity because it is quick and easy to update and maintain.

Avoid using time-consuming hand-managed systems or spreadsheets that pose the danger of inaccuracies and poor data integrity.



Interactive website

Our website will be an especially valuable platform for users and it offers benefits such as:

  • Your own business page
  • Advertising
  • Forums for advice and discussions
  • Suggestions
  • Surveys on suggestions
  • Blogs
  • Online networking with other businesses
  • Bonus points will be allocated based on activity on the website, which could be used to further benefit active contributors.


Knowledge – the key to success

Poor financial control and ineffective general business management has been the downfall of many businesses. Due to its importance, we offer training (link to block 06) and the opportunity to improve financial control with our Basic free software.

Our forums, where clients can interact with each other, will further allow for the sharing of knowledge and supporting each other by providing advice.



Knowledge empowers business owners and managers to make more informed decisions.

To this end we offer free basic training and more advanced training at affordable prices.

Our blog (insert link to blog page) contains free articles on the basic skills needed for the successful general management of a small business, tax, finance, cash flow management and people skills.

We also offer more in-depth training (insert link to training page) providing practical information on various management and financial aspects at affordable prices. Our trainers have experience in their respective fields and provide training in a style that is easy to understand for the man on the street. Training is mostly done online but can be done in person depending on the location of a business. Read more about training courses. (insert link to training page).


Future Development

SADI4U is an ongoing effort and we value your input. It is crucial to determine and consider small business requirements for future development of more advanced software packages. Your active participation on our website forum will guide us in determining the most important requirements.

Far too much money is spent on irrelevant theoretical issues. We will work with what is practical and really necessary, and keep you posted.


Membership Benefits

Small businesses that register as members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your own business page, allowing advertising of your products (including photos) and/or services
  • SADI4U Basic (Free Software)
  • Access to Blogs containing free articles on the basic skills to successfully manage a small business
  • More advanced training at affordable costs
  • Access to Forums for advice and discussions
  • Online networking with other businesses
Terms and Conditions


Membership fees

As this is an endeavour to assist our members during this difficult financial time, membership fees are extremely difficult to calculate. We need to support this initiative, and, at the same time, we must keep it cost effective. In addition, we have no idea where this economy is going.

To make this work as cost effective as possible, we are going to need volumes to cover the costs.

However, let us start somewhere and see how things are going.

Basic Membership:
Free of charge Advanced Membership:
Normal monthly fees R210.00 per month per business.
Special to assist you during this period, R120.00 per month per business.